Promising results for new PAH drug

Posted on November 15th 2022

A new medication, that could be approved for use next year, has produced promising results in its latest clinical trial.

Using six-minute walk tests, the STELLAR trial showed that when sotatercept is given in addition to other therapies, it significantly improves exercise capacity in people with pulmonary arterial hypertension.

The drug, which is given under the skin as a subcutaneous injection, is the first of its kind to rebalance what’s known as the ‘bone morphogenic protein pathway’. While existing treatments are designed to help manage the symptoms of PH, sotatercept is the first to target the root cause of the disease.

Neil Hamilton, Consultant Pharmacist in PH, told us:

“Sotatercept is an exciting new treatment which works in a different way to any of the current medicines we can prescribe. 

We are optimistic about sotatercept because the results from early clinical trials have been very positive. 

More evidence of effectiveness and safety is needed, so further studies are underway. These international trials will involve large numbers of patients and if these prove successful, sotatercept could be approved by regulatory bodies next year.”

As such, it is not currently available to anyone outside clinical trials. Sotatercept may not be suitable for everyone with PH, but expert centres in the UK are recruiting patients to these trials – so if you are eligible, your centre would discuss your participation at your next clinic visit.”

In the video below, Dr Mark Toshner, PH Specialist and Associate Professor, explains more about this promising drug which is the first to target the route cause of the disease: