About the new website

More than just another website, this online time capsule will make sure the voices of the PH community are heard as we preserve history and dig deeper into the lived experiences of the crisis.

Over the last couple of months, we have spoken to 30 PHA UK members who have shared their individual stories with us. We’ve interviewed both patients and caregivers and despite a shared diagnosis, everyone’s story has been different. And every one of them matters.

Each story has given us new insight into the impact of the pandemic on people living with pulmonary hypertension. We hope this project will help to inform planning for future health emergencies and aid our understanding of life with PH as we move forward from the crisis.

As well as sharing these stories on the new website, we will also be combining them into a printed anthology that will be available to order for free.

Production is also underway on a feature-length film that will bring these experiences to life in a new style that we have never explored before.

And one of the most exciting elements of the project is our online exhibition, ‘A moment in history’ – which we’re inviting you to get involved with now!

As well as providing lasting evidence of this period of history, this work will also help to raise awareness of PH amongst the public. Please, play your part in this project if you can.

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