Deciding what to submit

Our online exhibition will showcase your experiences of the pandemic in whichever way you choose.

Please select from any of the categories below or submit something totally different if you wish. Your submission could be something you produced during the pandemic, or something you produce now, specifically for the exhibition, which reflects your experiences over the last couple of years.

This is not a competition or a talent contest; it’s a way of bringing together symbolic interpretations of the pandemic in a meaningful way.

We understand that some submissions may be personal, so you can remain anonymous if you wish.


This could be anything from a snap on your phone to a carefully curated image using specialist equipment. Share your favourite place during lockdown, the pet that helped you through shielding, your first meeting with family in months, or anything at all that reflects your pandemic.

Drawings, paintings or crafts

We’re after all kinds of artwork, from sketches to crochet, watercolours to decoupage, and everything in-between. Please send us a photo of anything you produced.


Send us your poems, prose, short stories or articles. You can also send us anonymous diary entries or blog posts if you wish.  If you’d like to reflect on your experiences of the pandemic by writing your story specifically for this exhibition, we’d love to include that too.

Films and footage  

We’d love to share any videos you took on your phone or edited together over the last couple of years.

Music, singing and dance

You can also send us recordings or footage of musical recitals, singing, or dance performances that have a connection to the pandemic.

Your pandemic, your word (Great for kids too!)

Write down one word that you associate with the COVID-19 pandemic and decorate it with paint, crayons, glitter, or anything you like. You may even want to knit or crochet it or use graphic design software. Take a photo and send it to us for our online gallery.

The word could describe how you felt, what you did most of during lockdowns, or anything else that sums up your experiences.

This word will be personal to you, but ideas might include:

Family, Scared, Rollercoaster, FaceTime, Baking, Vulnerable, Hope, Gardening, Time, Quiet

Can’t think of a word? Simply pick one of these to decorate:

  • Coronavirus
  • Pandemic
  • Shielding
  • Lockdown