Research opportunity – exercise participants needed

Posted on November 29th 2018

People living with pulmonary hypertension are being asked to take part in a study exploring their daily physical activity levels.

Brunel University are looking for PH patients aged 18-69 to participate. The research requires patients to wear an activity monitor 24 hours a day for seven days. Participants will be asked to go about their daily lives as normal to give accurate results. You will also be asked to fill in a physical activity questionnaire as part of the study.

The activity monitor and questionnaire will be posted, and patients will be required to return them in the addressed pre-paid envelope.

The study, which is the first of its kind in the UK, aims to find out more about daily activity levels of PH patients and whether they meet the government’s recommended amount of physical activity per week. It is hoped that the study will help research into alternatives to the six-minute walk test as a way of measuring a patient’s ability to exercise. The research will also explore alternative exercises that patients can do at home.

If you’d like to take part, contact Siobhán Haran at for more information.

Siobhan Haran