SLOZEM® no longer available as a pulmonary hypertension treatment

Posted on February 26th 2020

The pulmonary hypertension treatment SLOZEM® (which contains Diltiazem) is no longer available for patients – but alternative brands are available.

Manufacturers stopped making the once-a-day medicine, in all strengths, last month.

The alternative brands available to switch to are Adizem, Viazem, Zemret and Tildiem – but not all are available in the same strengths as Slozem. Your prescriber (either GP or PH specialist centre) will be able to advise which would be best for you.

Neil Hamilton, Consultant Pharmacist at the Sheffield Pulmonary Vascular Disease Unit, said: “If you are lucky, some pharmacies may have a small amount of Slozem in stock left but this will not last long because it can also be used for more common conditions such as angina and high blood pressure.   

“It will be safe for you to stop Slozem when your current supply runs out and start on the alternative brand the very next day.  I would not expect switching between brands to cause any major side effects, but if you should feel less well on your new brand of Diltiazem, I advise you to speak to your local pharmacist for advice.”

If you have any queries about this news, please speak to your specialist centre.