TOP TIPS: Making the most of your fundraiser

Tell your supporters why you chose our charity

If you have a personal reason for raising money for the PHA UK, let people know. Perhaps you know someone with PH? Share your story on your online fundraising page, or when promoting your challenge or event. People are much more likely to support you if they understand your motivations.

Make the most of social media

Let your online network know what you’re doing with regular posts and updates and include links to your online fundraising page if you have one. People love to see photos, so post plenty of pics too!

Set a realistic but challenging fundraising target

Hitting your target feels amazing, and it feels even better when you’ve worked hard for it. Give yourself something to aim for that feels achievable, but that will challenge you too. The sense of satisfaction will be amazing when you’ve done it!

Ask your employer about match funding

Many employers, especially big ones, have policies in place for supporting the fundraising efforts of their workforce. This can include contributing sponsorship, or in some cases match funding – meaning your fundraising total could be doubled!

Let your local media know what you’re doing

Local newspapers, online news outlets and regional TV stations all love to share positive stories about people in their ‘patch’. Let them know about your fundraiser and why you are doing it, and you could bag yourself some valuable publicity!

If you’d like any help to contact your local media, email and we’ll be happy to lend a hand.

Take the opportunity to raise awareness of PH

Pulmonary hypertension is a rare disease, so spreading the word about your fundraiser is a great opportunity to help people understand more about it. We have plenty of publications, graphics and videos we can provide you with to help, including our printed Little Pocket Guide to PH, and animations that are super easy to share on social media.  Contact us if you’d like to know more.   

Did you know…?

You can make quick and easy donations to the PHA UK via your mobile phone.

Text PHAUK followed by the amount in pounds you would like to donate to 70085.

So, if you would like to donate £5, text PHAUK5 to 70085

If you would like to donate £10, text PHAUK10 to 70085

You can choose to donate from the following:

£2, £3, £4, £5, £10, £15, £20

Texts cost the amount you donate plus one standard rate message and you’ll be opting in to hear more about our work via telephone and SMS. If you’d like to make a donation but do not wish to receive marketing communications, text PHAUKNOINFO followed by your donation amount to 70085 instead.