How your fundraising will help

Support… research… awareness… education…campaigning… and much more. Your fundraising will help us continue our essential work.

We believe in doing all we can to help people affected by pulmonary hypertension, but as an entirely independent charity, we receive no financial support from the NHS or Government funding. That’s why people like you make such a difference.

By fundraising for the PHA UK you’re helping to ensure we can continue to support the PH community by:

  • Producing information and support resources to help people live better lives with PH
  • Reducing isolation via networks, forums and events
  • Funding cutting-edge research
  • Campaigning about the things that matter to people affected by PH
  • Raising awareness, educating and encouraging understanding
  • Supporting and protecting specialist care

As the only UK charity for people affected by PH, we’re here for patients, carers and loved ones too.

“It’s comforting to know the PHA UK are always there – Gillian

“The charity provides excellent support and a wealth of information for phighters and carers” – Denise

“The PHA UK has been my blessing. I don’t really view it as a charity, a website, or anything other than a family unit. I’m forever grateful ” – Tasha

“The unwavering support and information the charity provides to patients and those affected by the disease is priceless!” – Angela

“Because of the PHA UK my sister-in-law had a better quality of life” – Beejay

“Thanks to the PHA UK I feel at last that I’m not in this nightmare alone” – Jill