Lifting the lid on nutrition and PH

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An appetite for sharing thoughts and experiences…

We were unsure of the response to expect when we launched our survey into nutrition and PH in 2023. Would people be interested in telling us about their eating habits, food preferences, and cooking or weight management challenges? Would they be willing to share the areas they feel they need support in?

It turned out that many were, with a total of over 600 responses to our questionnaire – which was the first of its kind in the UK.

The high response number shows how much people with PH care about this topic, and how much appetite there is for support.

Read the key findings from our research here

Read our full report into the findings here

A word from Shaun Clayton, a certified nutritionist and the PHA UK’s Operations and Finance Director…

“Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts and experiences in this first-of-its-kind research. We responded quickly to the findings and we will continue to build upon our work to support people with PH to enjoy the benefits of good nutrition. We understand the challenges that people face in this area, and we’re here to help. Watch this space!”