Get involved with the PHA UK

Play the PHA UK Lottery

It’s free to join PHA UK so our Lottery is a great way for supporters to contribute a little money on a regular basis to support the charity’s work. We need to raise money to fund better treatment plus support PH patients and their families and every little helps.

“It’s nice to support the PHA UK with a regular donation, with the added bonus of maybe winning a prize.”
– Sarah, Oxfordshire

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How does it work?

For just £1 a week you can win up to £25,000 whilst supporting the PHA UK to continue their work. Each week you will be allocated a six-digit number and the winning numbers are selected at random every Saturday. Cheques are posted to you directly – so there’s no need to claim.

  • Match six digits to win £25,000
  • Match five digits to win £1,000
  • Match four digits to win £25
  • Match three digits to win £5

You can increase your chances of winning by purchasing more than one entry.

“I play the PHA UK Lottery as it helps to support the charity in their research studies. Plus, I’ve won some money a couple of times too!”
– Catherine, Lancashire

Signing up is simple!

It’s easy – just fill in the form attached and post or visit and search ‘Lottery’. You’ll need to select how many Lottery entries you want each week, and how often you want to play. Plus, you’ll need to either fill in the Direct Debit instruction, or send in a cheque.

To find out more or sign up today visit:

“It was easy to sign up and you can play for as little as £1 a week. It’s a great way to help support people with PH.”
– Joshua, Barnsley

Thanks for supporting PHA UK and best of luck!

The PHA UK Lottery is operated by Unity Lottery. 50p of every £1 goes directly to the PHA UK with the rest covering prize winnings and administration costs.
Unity is operated by Sterling Management Centre Ltd, registered as an External Lottery Manager by the Gambling Commission under the Gambling Act 2005 –

Last medically reviewed: January, 2017 • Due for review: January, 2020