Scaling Snowdon with PH

Teenager Rachael Emery climbed Mount Snowdon four years after being diagnosed with PH, raising over £2000 for our charity.

Climbing Wales’ highest mountain is a tiring task for even the fittest of people, so when Rachael Emery made it to the summit with a Hickman line, it was an enormous achievement. Rachael, from Bewdley in Worcestershire, climbed Snowdon with her brother Tom and dad Jools, just four years after being diagnosed with PH and connective tissue disorder.

“I had to deal with 60mph winds so that made it harder,” Rachael said. “When I got to the top, I felt so proud of myself but to be honest I just wanted to get down, it was too windy!”

Rachael’s mum Helen said: “When I think about the journey she’s been on, from hardly being able to walk at the beginning, I feel super proud of her – it’s unbelievable. She will not let anything hold her back from enjoying life, despite all that she has been through.”

Raising money for the PHA UK was important to the family after the treatment Rachael received. “The charity has done so much for people and I felt it was time to give something back,” Rachael said. Fireglass UK, the employer of her dad Jools, donated £1000, meaning £2145 was raised in total. “I never expected to raise so much – my target was £1000 so I was amazed when I’d more than doubled that.”

Helen is also grateful for the help of the PHA UK and the GOSH specialist team. “When you have a child who is diagnosed with PH, you feel alone because it’s such an isolating condition,” she added. “Dr Shahin Moledina, Dr Roberta Bini and Rebecca Turquet have supported Rachael and our family throughout her journey. The PHA UK has also offered a lot of support and it’s comforting to know that they’re there.”

Pictured below: Rachael and her brother Tom, after she completed her challenge