If you take oxygen

If you have an oxygen concentrator at your home, you will be using additional electricity that is essential for your health. It is important that you continue to use your prescribed amount. If you are struggling to pay your electricity bill, your supplier can help – find out more here.

Rebates for your electricity use

The company that supplies your oxygen concentrator is responsible for giving you money back for the electricity you use and makes payments to your bank account.

Your oxygen supplier administers the rebate process on behalf of the NHS based on rates set by them. The process is the same throughout the UK.

It is a calculation based on the hours’ usage of the machine over a set period of time. It is independent of any utility bill that you will receive and based on a meter reading that is integrated within the machine. This meter records the total time that the machine has been used in hours.

The current rebate amount is set by the NHS. We understand that the rate from 1st October 2022 is being reviewed, following the increase in the energy price cap, and we will keep this page updated.

If you have any questions about your rebates, you should contact your individual supplier.

TOP TIP: There have been media reports about potential planned power blackouts to help manage the energy crisis. Although it is not clear how likely these will be, have your back-up cylinders completely full to help minimise risks from power cuts.

Have you joined the Priority Services Register?

If you use electricity for oxygen or another medical device, you are eligible for a free support service from your energy supplier that makes sure extra help is available to people in vulnerable situations.

Known as the Priority Services Register, the help you can get includes:

  • Advance notice of any planned power cuts
  • Priority support in an emergency
  • ID and password scheme
  • Nominee scheme
  • Regular meter reading services

To register, you need to contact your supplier to inform them of your situation. Find out more about the Priority Services Register here.

IMPORTANT: If you rely on electricity for medical purposes, which includes oxygen, then Ofgem rules prevent you from being made to have a pre-payment meter.