Keeping warm

We hope you find these tips for staying warm at home helpful through the winter months. If you have any of your own tips you would like to share, please email

Making the most of your central heating

Maximise the heat coming from your radiators when you do have them on, by ensuring none are blocked by furniture. Re-jigging a room can really make a difference.

Keep your curtains open during the day. Winter sun may be rare, but when it’s out, it will help create warmth through the window. (Shutting the curtains at night is still important for insulation!)

Keep out draughts. Use draught excluders and keep doors closed to trap heat within a room.

‘Heat the human, not the home’

This advice from Martin Lewis of is designed to help keep you warm when the central heating is off. Our overview is below, and you can see the full advice here

Use electric blankets, heat pads, hot water bottles and more. There is an initial upfront cost to purchase, but running costs start from 1p per hour.

Layer clothes to keep in the heat. This traps warm air, and you could choose larger sizes to fit on the top, for example. Choose close-fitting fabric for the baselayer, and opt for thermal properties if you can.

Eat regularly and have at least one hot meal a day. Drink hot drinks regularly too.

Keep your feet warm. Wear slippers, put down rugs and bathmats, and elevate your feet on a stool (or similar) when you’re sitting down, as the floor is usually the coldest part of the house.