Survey seeks thoughts on proposed study into PH treatment

Posted on March 18th 2021

The PHA UK has launched a new survey to help researchers who are looking at the use of cutting-edge remote monitoring technology to help patients get the best results from their medication.

The survey, which can be accessed here, asks for patients’ thoughts on a proposed study that will use small implants to provide daily data similar to that gained from a right heart catheterisation. This data will be provided wirelessly to the hospital team via mobile phone.  

Implanted at the time of right heart catheterisation, one small device (3.5x2x15mm) will sit in the pulmonary artery and the other (9x3x49mm) just under the skin on the chest.

The survey is being conducted in collaboration with Dr Alex Rothman and Dr Jen Middleton – who are both cardiologists at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Sheffield Pulmonary Vascular Disease Unit and The University of Sheffield.

Find out more about the proposed study here.