Helping you access benefits – quick guides

Applying for benefits isn’t always straightforward, so we’ve put together these handy downloadable guides to help.

A quick guide to… What benefits are available 

A brief overview of the different types of benefits that may be available to you, with links to find out more. Click here to download your guide.

A quick guide to… Important definitions 

There are particular phrases that the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) look for in applications. Click here to download this helpful list of definitions.

A quick guide to… The WHO Functional Class 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) functional class system was created to define the severity of an individual’s symptoms and how they impact on day-to-day activities, so understanding these definitions may be helpful when completing your welfare applications. Click here to download your guide.

A quick guide to… The 3-stage appeals process

Around 80% of people who appeal eventually get what they deserve. Click here to find out more about the stages involved.

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